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    Hi, everyone. I am Artist Emma Ao from China. I like to use my works to express my views or criticisms on some social issues. I hope you will be interested in discussing with me.

  • Project 1

    a. This topic illustrates the spirit of resistance and confidence we can have when facing contemporary anxieties about physical appearances.


    b. Today's society is becoming more and more critical of people's appearance. Appearance has even become the standard by which people judge others. Many people live in misery because of this. I hope audiences will feel empathy and be encouraged to stop worrying about looks and what other people think about their appearance after seeing my work.

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  • Processes

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    When people make fun of your body shape, you can tell them that different shapes have different advantages. Here I use keys to make this metaphor. Keys of different shapes can open locks of different shapes. Our bodies are like these keys.

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    When people tease you for being fat, you can tell them that you are strong. Here I used plates and bowls to represent different figures. Maybe people are bowls and they laugh at you as a plate. But you can pack more rice than they can.

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    Inner beauty

    Someone encourages you to go for plastic surgery, you need to know that kindness/inner beauty are the most important things.Here I use ore to represent the quality of inner beauty because ore is hidden in the humble stone.

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    When someone is blindly losing weight for beauty, give them healthy ways to lose weight and tell them that health is the most important thing. I think the human body is like a machine. Fat is like the oil that the gears in a machine need to turn. If there is no oil, the gear will stop running and the machine will be damaged.

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    When everyone wants to look as good as the good-looking characters created in the advertisement, you know those models are made up by PS software, and we should be ourselves. You can be real/authentic. Here I used photoshop to show this point.

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    Ignore people who say you should dress conservatively because you have the right to wear what you like…you have the right to be bold/unconventional. The way to protect a flower is not to prevent it from blooming, but to let others learn not to harm the flower. So, I drew a hand pinching a flower. The flowers are struggling to get free.

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    Eye shapes

    When someone laughs at your eye shape, you will tell them that the growth environment determines the physiological structure. It is normal and useful for the facial features to have different structures.

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    Someone says that only thin people can wear skirts, but clothes come in different sizes, and they exist to meet the needs of all of us, not some of us. You can be confident in any clothing choice you make. I drew it here A pile of clothes, the shape of the pile of clothes is the shape of a person. It was chained, but it broke the chain, and the colorful clothes flew out. This means that it has regained its confidence in dressing.

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    You don't need to look like everyone else. Everyone is special. I designed several characters in this painting. The character in the center confidently shows off its colors and patterns. The characters around it all use gray paint to hide their colors and patterns. They have all lost their special individuality.

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    Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself that you are the best. When you looking at yourself, you see the most beautiful thing.

  • Feedback!

    Thank you for visiting! I hope to get your feedback. I’d be very happy if you could suggest some improvements to my work! If you have some social issues that you want to criticize, I hope you can tell me, maybe they can become my topics.